Finger DAB Test SOP


Finger DAB Test SOP is described in this post, which you can follow in the microbiological lab.


To lay down a procedure of finger DAB test.


This procedure is applicable to the Sterile Manufacturing Area and Sterile testing Area i.e. (Microbiology Lab)




Quality Control Manager


Label all the pre-incubated plates with the date of sampling, name of the Operator and wrap in aluminum foil and then keep in clean SS container

Transfer the SS container of pre-incubated nutrient agar plates  (wiped with 70% IPA) to sterile manufacturing or testing area.

Follow the gowning procedure as required by the respective department to avoid additional contamination.

Disinfect the hands with IPA 70% wear the sterile surgical gloves.

Remove the lid of the petri-plate and take the gloved finger impressions of the operator for at least about 2cm of the fingers f both the gloved hands on the agar surface of plates respectively.

Ensure that the operator changes his gloves before resuming work.

After sampling of F-DAB test, repack the plates properly in aluminum foil and place all the plates in the SS container wiped with 70% IPA and bring it to the microbiology department.

Incubate all the plates inverted at 22℃ ±2.5 ℃  for3-5 days followed by 32℃ ±2.5oC for 2-3days. 

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